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2010-04-21 00:40:45

Linux, mplayer and the ZDF Mediathek

While the idea behind the ZDF Mediathek is not so bad at all, the actual implementation is a pain in the ass - especially the flash version of the website, which causes my Firefox to crash again and again...
So I tried the HTML version of the site, which has two major advantages:
1.) Firefox doesn't crash anymore and
2.) one can watch the videos with any external program like vlc or mplayer.

However, there's still a huge drawback: The videos are streamed via the Real-Time Streaming Protocol or the Microsoft Media Server Protocol, so basic operations like fast-forwarding, rewinding or pausing should be avoided. Additionally, as no (significant) buffering is performed, your internet connection will be in use for the whole runtime of a video, limiting other online activities.
Looking for an easy solution for this, I checked mplayer's manpage and found the -dumpstream option. The rest was some elementary bash scripting:

mplayer -dumpfile "$(date +%y_%m_%d_%H_%M.dump)" -dumpstream "$(curl -s "$(curl -s "$LINK" | egrep "<li>DSL\s*2000\s*<a href=.*asx" | sed -r 's#.*href="([^"]+)".*#\1#')" | egrep -o 'mms://[^"]+')"
This will save any(?) video from the Mediathek to a local file called *current_date*.dump. If you didn't figure it out by yourself, $LINK must be set to / replaced by the actual URL pointing to your video (you'll need the URL to the HTML version, or do some additional preprocessing first).

Before you ask: Of course I wrote an easy-to-use, ready-to-run script for this - it even does some limited error checking. It can be found here.

Update: Seems like this only works for just a few videos, so don't be too disappointed if it fails...

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2010-04-10 21:40:47

yaydl 1.5.1

Version 1.5.1 comes with support for video.golem.de (ok....not as big as youtube, but who cares...)

BTW: If you want to be informed about new versions without reading my blog (shame on you!), you might want to subscribe to yaydl on freshmeat.

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2010-04-08 00:33:29

yaydl 1.5

I know, you've all been waiting for it, so without any further ado, here it is, yaydl 1.5!
It includes all new features from version 1.4a, as well as support for custom fmt codes. As usual, I also fixed some bugs - check out the changelog for details.

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2010-04-02 16:25:01

yaydl 1.4.5a

Still a alpha version, but youtube works again!

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