So far, I relied on the capability of zim to convert a LaTeX expression to an image when I wanted to insert an equation into a blog entry. I never really liked that, but it at least worked. MathJax, the successor of jsMath, has now reached a maturity that it has become a viable alternative. More than that: MathJax allows the use of native LaTeX code directly in the HTML source, and its rendering is perfectly scalable.

I've set the following example (compare to my previous entry) to a size of 125% and a zoom active on a left click. Note that you need to allow Javascript on this page to actually see the rendered equation. Right-click to obtain the source.

\[\begin{aligned} U(B) = S \int_0^\infty dt \exp(-\Delta x^2/4 D t) \exp(-t/\tau) \cos(g \mu_B B t/\hbar)/ \sqrt{4 \pi D t} \end{aligned} \]